Hello, I’m Mim. As a lover of the yarts, when the opportunity came up to start a little gallery here, I simply couldn’t resist.

My mum and dad were artists (among other strings to their bows). They passed on multi-tasking tendencies to me, so while Dad was an electrical engineer, writer and university lecturer he was also a silver and goldsmith. Mum was a teacher, writer and pewtersmith. They both dabbled with painting and drawing and were part of the rich and vibrant artist scene in Melbourne’s north east. I remember visits to the Dandenongs, Warrandyte, Eltham. I remember red wine and home baked bread, and discussions that covered philosophy, politics, technology and art. I suppose I took it for granted. That kind of creative vibe is very precious when it happens and is often a great source of art and thinking.

I look forward to welcoming you to Mansfield Art Gallery when we open in March 2016, and meanwhile, please do get in touch to say hello, share ideas or add yourself to our mailing list

Robyn Watson’s inspiration

Robyn Watson was my mother’s sister. As an aunt, she was an inspiration. Leaving Australia in 1964, she took a trip on the Trans Siberian Railway before it was a tourist destination. Robyn travelled to communist Russia and China in the seventies. She lived in New York City, worked for banks, ran her own catering company and had a wide range of interests – from mediaeval history to modern art. That’s just a taste of her complexity. In short, she was astounding. Robyn spent the last years of her life in Provincetown, Massachusetts. For 11 years she managed the Provincetown Art Association and Museum, laying the groundwork for a period of growth that now sees PAAM as a very important regional gallery in a town that plays a key role in the artistic history of the USA. After leaving PAAM, Robyn started her own place – Robyn Watson Gallery. She was a fierce person, with a kind heart that she often hid from view. She had a large number of loyal friends in her adopted home. Robyn was an art lover who supported many artists through her efforts, yet pulled no punches and did not suffer fools gladly. I hope I can draw on some of her strength and intelligence while running Mansfield Art Gallery.

Your art at Mansfield Art Gallery

Mansfield Art Gallery has a regular schedule of themed exhibitions, with artists invited and encouraged to submit ideas for each. Check our Exhibitions page to see what’s coming up. If we’re accepting submissions from artists for a particular exhibition, it will be clearly stated on the page that relates. We’re particularly keen to hear from artists and artisans working or living in regional Victoria.