Amanda Swaney

We love having Amanda’s gorgeous work at MAG, though unfortunately in summer the sunlight streaming through the windows in our showcase room means you can see the real life images unless you’re inside the venue. We’re often nearby so if you’d like to take a look, please call on 1300 783 446 and arrange a time to view the work on the walls.

Amanda’s images are distinctive, lush and redolent with life, with just a hint of the decay that is part of ripe fruit and blown roses. These still life images speak to the Old Masters, and it’s tempting always to lean in and try to see the brushwork that you expect to be there.

Amanda Swaney in her own words

I live in the beautiful North-East of Victoria and I am inspired by the natural beauty of mountains, rivers and redgum eucalypts. Our farm, which is close to Mansfield, flourishes with abundant gardens of fruit trees, vegetables and ornamental plants. These provide the material for my still life photographs.

Often a single fruit will spark a tonal matching process and over several days I will gather material and build a still life in my studio. My images are lit by natural light and so early morning and evening are the best shooting times.

The rich textures and dark backgrounds of Renaissance paintings have inspired me and I seek to reflect these features in my photographs. Sharp focus through the image is important and I create photographs that invite the viewer to share in my natural world; to lean forward and be tempted to stroke the soft petal of the rose or touch the tough skin of a pomegranate.

Amanda Swaney images