Michael Ashby

Michael Ashby teatowel showing bread in paper bag
Pane Di Casa In Bag – Michael Ashby. Available for sale in our online store.

Michael Ashby is a professional artist passionate about his work.

“I aim to draw the viewer’s attention to the visual beauty in the world around them.  I do this through an emphasis on composition, colour and disciplined but expressive brush work.” Michael says.

“A well-executed painting can offer its owner a deep well of pleasure, inspiration and emotional solace.”

Modern realism

A graduate of RMIT University (1981) with a Major in Painting, Michael has pursued a relevant modern realism in contemporary Australia.  This career choice reflects his belief that truly modern art encompasses all manner of artistic expression drawn from the history of art.

Commission a work from Michael Ashby

Michael welcomes commissions.  His willingness to provide his patrons with what they desire has seen him paint a wide range of subjects on varied surfaces.  His love of, and aptitude for, the human form is his greatest strength and is shown in his portraiture and figures.

His versatility is demonstrated in his many landscapes and still life work that appeal greatly to a range of appreciative buyers who regularly attend his annual exhibitions.

Michael Ashby biography

Michael Ashby portrait
Michael Ashby portrait

Michael Ashby has been drawing ever since he was a little boy. “I distinctly remember some real penny-dropping moments. Drawing a footballer at school in Grade 3 and suddenly realising the shape of the human calf muscles in the lower leg and capturing them. At age six or seven holding up an orange against a cobalt blue sky and being fascinated by the striking contrast. Later I was to learn that blue and orange are complementary colours.”

The first exhibition

Now, many years on, he has been painting and drawing for over 50 years. Michael studied Fine Art at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology 1978 to 1980. After dipping his brush into a few styles at RMIT he resolved to paint in the realist tradition, taking it to a professional level while raising his two children and teaching art to school kids and locals in his neighbourhood of Essendon. In 1996 he found myself with quite a few paintings – “my beautiful wife, Jenny, suggested a studio exhibition. The rest, as they say, is history.” He has since exhibited annually, with 2015 being his 20th year.

North East Victoria

In 2002, Michael and Jenny secured a property in Whitlands, North East Victoria. In 2009, just after Black Saturday, they moved there permanently. Michael continued his annual exhibitions at King Valley Cucina and for the last two years at the King Valley Community Memorial Hall. To support his love of art he works part-time in his neighbour’s vineyard Stella Matvtina. A strong member of the community, Michael volunteers for the annual King Valley Art Exhibition and cooperative Made in Mansfield store.

Michael works from life to handcraft images steeped in the impact and beauty of western art. He notes Michelangelo, Velazquez, Rembrandt, Manet as key influences. Michael has won over 15 prizes and commendations and continues to look to paint the elusive perfect painting

See Michael’s work at Mansfield Art Gallery

Artist’s website: michaelashby.com.au