Creative Writing Workshop with Lyn Yeowart

Friday 1 September: 5:30 pm – 8.30 pm
Saturday 2 September: 2.00 pm – 6.00 pm

Come and join in for this fantastic two-day creative writing workshop with Lyn Yeowart where you will learn practical and simple tips and tricks you can apply to your creative writing straight away. This is an engaging, inspiring and fun session so if you are an aspiring writer, or just wish to learn a few things about how to turn your stories from good to great then this workshop is not to be missed!

About Lyn

Lyn YeowartLyn Yeowart has been a professional writer and editor for over 25 years, focussing on “grey literature” to keep afloat – and creative literature to keep her sanity.
She has taught creative writing at Swinburne University and City of Kingston, mentors three emerging writers, has delivered under-graduate and post-graduate courses in writing and communications at Deakin and Monash universities, and is a guest presenter in the University of Melbourne’s Executive Master of Arts.
She has written and performed numerous poems and stories for primary school children, edited published novels and poetry, and last year was dramaturge (and an actor) in It’s Complicated! in the 2016 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. She was runner-up in the Victorian Writer’s Centre travel writing “Wish You Were Here” competition, was short-listed in Oz Opera’s short fiction competition, and has completed a draft of her first novel, 27 Images of My Father, that explores the causes and ramifications of family violence, the power of words and the imagination, the morality of revenge, and how we find a sense of self.
Lyn is an energetic presenter who builds confidence in writers, delivers practical techniques and tips, and challenges writers to take their work to a new level.

Lyn’s qualifications

Bachelor of Education (Language & Literature)
Postgraduate Diploma in Creative Writing
Masters in Creative Writing

Feedback from participants

“Lyn is extremely engaging, and happy to assist and work through any questions, encouraging us to find the answer.”
“Practical simple ideas that can be applied straight away.”
“Excellent. Reinforced existing knowledge and provided new knowledge.”
“Lyn is a great presenter.”
“I couldn’t get over how much you know about writing and books.”
“Hands-on…opportunity to practice…dynamic style.”
“Great course. I feel I improve each time I attend one of Lyn’s courses.”

Workshop outline

Here’s what we may (or may not) cover – depending on people’s experience, stumbling blocks, styles of writing, and goals. And your questions.

Session 1

• Sharing – Why are you writing…and why are you writing this?
• Psychological barriers and breakthroughs
• Storytelling – what is a story, why do they matter, and what is the story you’re telling?
• The people who populate your writing – author, narrator/s, and characters
• Voices, tones, styles, genres
• Reflection and sharing – What do you know about your writing, what do you need to do to go to the next level?
• Sharing – A short reading of your own work (if you feel comfortable) and respectful feedback
• Shut Up And Write!

Session 2

• Sharing – A short reading of your own work (if you feel comfortable) and respectful feedback
• Plots and structures
• Planned vs organic writing
• How to use opposing themes in your writing
• Dissecting and deepening your writing
• Reflection and sharing – What do you now know about your writing, what do you need to do to go to the next level?
• Shut Up And Write!

What to bring

A hard copy of an extract of a piece of your writing, between 500 and 1,000 words.
A notebook and pen and/or laptop.
An open curious respectful mind.

Workshop fees

$100 for the two-day workshop, includes a light dinner (soup and sandwiches) on Friday night and afternoon tea on Saturday

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