Don’t say goodbye, just ‘au revoir’

Mansfield Art Gallery opened on 12 March 2016.

On 19 August 2017 we’ll be changing the way we operate.

The reasons for the change are many and complex. Our location, the local appetite for what we offered and the demands of other projects have all had an effect.

On the other hand, we’ve found that there’s a demand for the beautiful work we have been displaying – and our exposure and sales through online channels sometimes exceed what we’re able to achieve in the shop.

Vive l’internet!

What will stay

You’ll still see art and objects showcased in our small room, available to view day and night through the window.

We’ll still hang selected works on the gallery walls.

We’ll still post pictures of work for sale on Instagram and Facebook, and share the posts of artists whose work we love.

We will still be happy to facilitate your purchase of art from our online shop or our display window. We’ll still arrange shipping, provide artist statements and advice.

We will still run music, workshops and other events from time to time.

What will change

The gallery will no longer be open for visits except by prior appointment.

We’ll no longer run solo or group exhibitions, but instead will maintain an ongoing display of selected local work.

Help us celebrate

We’re running an invitation-only cocktail party on 19 August – and we’d love to see you there. The Harvey Club will provide jazz, including special guest, the nationally and internationally acclaimed Fem Belling. A drink on arrival, delicious finger food to suit any taste and a 10% discount on all art purchased on the night. Contact Miriam to request an invitation.




3 Replies to “Don’t say goodbye, just ‘au revoir’”

  1. I am sorry to be missing this celebration of ongoing commitment.
    Sadly, or luckily, will be away.
    Have a great time without me!


  2. Thrilled to be able to celebrate MAG’s up-phase! So much potential, so many possibilities, so many new ways to do things and make a huge positive impact on our town. Thank you MAG!

  3. Congratulations on opening such a beautiful and inspiring gallery, and running eclectic fun events.
    Looking forward to the next chapter of MAG because I know it will continue to inspire and invigorate your visitors.

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